What is “Wrapped in Japan”? Why Should You Choose Us?


We are sure you have a thirst for interesting experiences that are not in a guidebook. Here is an experience that may be new to you: Japanese-style vow renewal. You can renew your wedding vows in a traditional Japanese-style ceremony at a shrine.
We believe there are no better places than Kyoto and no better experiences than “Wrapped in Japan” to renew your wedding vows and strengthen your love and family ties.

“Wrapped in Japan” is the organization which was established in 2015 and operated by Ichigoichie Co., Ltd. We started the entirely new service offered for visitors to Kyoto City from overseas, which dress them up like a Japanese princess & prince in 10th century at the imperial court, maiko or geiko, samurai, etc with kimono and accessories, and hold an authentic Japanese-style wedding ceremony at a shrine as a vow renewal.
We named this organization “Wrapped in Japan” in the hope that people who will come to Kyoto would feel such as being wrapped in Japan by not only seeing the sights or the like but also actually experiencing by being exposed to traditional Japanese culture, being well inside the Japanese culture and identifying yourself with Japanese.

“Vow renewal”, as you know, is a ceremony in which a married couple renews or reaffirms their wedding vows. Renewing the vows that you made will take you back with a fresh start, giving you a feeling of undiminished and heartfelt gratitude for each other.
It is popularly held on big wedding anniversaries like the 10th, 25th, or 50th, but can take place literally anytime you like after the actual wedding. You could also hold it wherever you like. It is good to choose a place that is significant to the two of you. For example, the beach where you met each other for the first time, the restaurant where you regularly go on dates, the church that you attend together, or the house filled with family memories. Or better yet, a place that you are not familiar with. Vow renewal while traveling is ideal for a fresh start.
Vow renewal is available both anytime and anywhere in various ways. We have Japanese-style vow renewal. Why don’t you renew your vows in Kyoto? When you visit Japan, don’t miss a golden opportunity to strengthen your love. You can really feel the Japan of more than a thousand year ago. It will be an absolutely unforgettable memory for the two of you.
We provide you with the one and only. This is what to do in Kyoto.

Our Team

Kimono dressers and Beauticians


Reader: Kazue and others!

We take pleasure in seeing people’s surprised expressions and happy faces after makeover. We welcome you with at-home atmosphere and try our best to meet your needs.




I would like to help you by taking photographs to leave some visual memories. I always try to take a shot so that your future self could vividly remember your precious memories as ever.




I mainly take pictures of people dressed in kimono, like yukata for online shopping or formal kimono for a ceremony. I keep in mind to make every detail of kimono looks more beautiful.